I have lost over 110 pounds(above 50 kg's) .It's always a fall that makes us stand. A year ago I set up a goal to attain certain amount of weight, have that chiseled look , and challenge my body to become more sculptured.   I thrive to achieve my goals. My hard work and persistence have made my w dream come true. Of course you need more than just mental support, the process sometimes is so overwhelming that one seek little help. I've been through the same. Weight gain or weight loose is the significant part of this journey but what goes behind this process is nothing less rewarding. I am here to help through every step by step guidance. Cause I believe in if you fall seven times, you stand up eight times.Fall better, fall forward.This is Not just about Weight loss . This is much more. You May see a big physical change, but it’s the mental and emotional shift that’s much bigger.i believe in living life and enjoying every single day we just need to find a balance there is no use of doing that diet which you don't enjoy . Join team BIGME2FITME and reach your goals while enjoying your life.


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